February 2-3 Lead Like Jesus 

Leadership Training with Dr. Hyveth Williams at Madison Campus Church

February 7-9 Evangelism Boot Camp A ICC

Hosts: Ralph Ringer, SU Director of Church Growth and Keith Noll, Minister of Trainers

Topics to be presented:

  • Win Friends for Christ
  • Preach Dynamic Evangelistic Sermons
  • Use Computer Generated Graphics
  • Make Effective Calls

Please ask your Pastor or Head Elder for a Registration Form or for additional details

February 17-21 RIFA Soup Kitchen

Join our church's annual volunteer week at the RIFA Soup Kitchen

February 23 Praying For Your Husband

KYTH Conference Office. Register at or call 615-859-1391

April 26 Mark Anthony, Guest Speaker and Chef

Sermon on Sabbath, April 25th and a Special Cooking Event on Sunday, April 26th at 3:00